Driving Safe and Easy with Zilu Car Phone mount
Universally Usable
-Compatible with all current cell phones, GPS devices and most MP3 &MP4 players.
Infinite Viewing Angles
-360° adjustable rotation ensures you find the angle that best suites you.
Sturdy & Secure
-Gel-lined suction pad can be securely attached to your dashboard, windshield or any smooth surface
-Padded back and wide gripping wings protects your phone from scratches and prevent it from wobbling out while the vehicle is in motion.
Easy to Install
-Easy to use mounting system can attach your phone mount to either your dashboard or windshield quickly. To adjust the position of the mount, simply lift the lever at the base of the mount and adjust the position before reattaching it. customer-oriented Service
-ZILU provides a 24 month warranty as well as friendly and easy-to-reach customer support.

Product Features

  • Safe and secure: 360° rotation for the perfect viewing angle so both phone and driver are safe during the drive. Tight gripping corners and secure back ensures a snug hold on your phone that doesn’t interrupt the driver’s view of the road.
  • Easy to install: With a “one press lock” button on the back of the cradle, you can easily attach the mount to your car’s windshield or dashboard with one hand
  • Wide Product Compatibility: This mount is suitable for phones from 2ʺ-3.9ʺ wide and can support phones in heavy duty cases (e.g. Otterboxs, Techamor, etc.)
  • Protects your phone: The padded back and wide gripping wings provide a firm grip on your phone but also protects your phone from scratches and other potential car inflicted fall damage
  • What you get in the package: 1 ZILU car mount & a 2 year warranty

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