ZHOL 1156 18 LED Bulbs For Car Light White


– Voltage: 12V

– Color: White

– Type: 1156

– BULB SIZE / CROSS REFERENCE: 1156 7506 1003 1141

– Application:Applications: Internal light, Tail lights, Turn signal light, Corner light, Parking light, Side marker and Backup lights


– High quality and super bright LED bulbs

– Green and enviroment-friendly products, safe and reliable

– LED light-emitting diode, small power consumption, can better protect the car circuit

– Functional and durable, Easy to use, low power consumption, Light angle and highlight

– Model consistent with the original car, do not change lines, a direct replacement for the original car glass bulb


– If the LED does not light up, simply flip it 180 degrees (reverse the polarity)

– Since LED bulbs have lower wattage comparing with the stock bulbs, you might need to add 50W 6-Ohm load resistors to prevent the LED bulbs from hyper flashing, malfunction or trigger warning message on dashboard.

Package Content:

10 x LED light bulbs((Extra 2 more)

2 X 1141 Bulb Socket

About Bulb Socke:

Easy DIY installation, No mechanic required.

They are perfect for adding extra turn signal light, tail light, stop light, tail light, brake light, side marker and backup light, etc.

Cross reference:1156 S25 BA15s 1073 1093 1129 1141 1159 1295 1459 1619 1651 1680 7506.

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Product Features

  • Voltage: DC 12V
  • LED quantity: 18 piece
  • Light color: White
  • Easy to install, just plug it in the socket
  • Socket Material : Plastic, Metal;Size : 10 x 1.8cm /4″ x 0.7″(L*D)

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