YTX4L-BS High Performance GEL Sealed Factory Activated Battery

Fits on these 110cc/125cc ATVs from TaoTao
ATA-110B (2012-2015)
ATA-110B3 (2009-2014)
ATA-110D (2010-2015)
ATA-110H (2008-2013)
ATA-125A (2013-2014)
ATA-125D (2009-2014)
ATA-125F1 (2009)
TForce and Cheetah

12V 4.5Ah Battery Replaces Yuasa YT4L-BS & YTX4L-BS
Polarity: -| | | |+
Dimensions LxWxH (mm): 114 x 69 x 85
Capacity (Ah): 4.5
Voltage (V): 12

Product Features

  • Maintenance Free, Factory Sealed, FULLY CHARGED!
  • Excellent Shock and vibration resistance. Greater resistance to extreme temperatures.
  • No need to add or handle any electrolyte or acid bottles. SEALED, NO leaks or spills to damage your motorcycle
  • Replaces Yuasa YT4L-BS & YTX4L-BS
  • Description Below

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