Xentec HID Lighting Kit

Xentec HID lighting kit comes with everything you need to upgrade in HID lighting technology. keeping you safe with the greatest night visibility also providing a custom vibrant look that will make your car stand out!

  • 3x brighter than halogen!
  • 35% less power consumption and lasts 3x longer than halogen
  • Available in all headlight sizes
  • wide variety of color choice colors!


  • 35w performance
  • Alloy Casing with sealant protects from all the elements
  • Using paterned technology to Protect against inconsistent power and poor lighting performance
  • each component 3 separate stages of rigorius production and testing

Product Features

  • HID Xenon Bulb: super bright 3500 lumen Xenon bulb: Produces up to 3x brighter light then halogen, 35% less power consumption, improve visibility, up to 5000-hour life expectancy
  • Ballast: 35w Alloy Standard Size Ballast: Super bright 3100 lumen performance, reduced flickering technology
  • Installation: Plug-and Play connectors. Can be installed on all compatible vehicle. please refer to Sylvania’s website and check the existing halogen bulb to ensure correct bulb size
  • 100% Water, shock resistance,
  • Each Kit Includes: 2 HID 9006 Xenon Bulbs; 2 xentec 35w alloy Ballasts

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