1. Color : Black
2. Materials :ABS plastic. This material is a tough rubber textured surface that will cover up scuffs and scratches.
3. Easy Installation with 3M Self-Adhesive tape on the back of item, and the super strong automotive grade-acrylic adhesive tape help you to install in
without any difficulty.
4. Fit For 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL 4 door model.

Tips for Installation (Make the item adhere to the car door well):
1. Before installation, please clean your car door, (you could use the alcohol and water mixture to wipe the edge of the car door).
2. When the car door become dry thoroughly after cleaning, put the 3M Self-Adhesive tape on the back of item attach to the edge of the car door, and then have some pressure on the item evenly to make them adhere to each other tightly.
3. Need to clean bubble out when installation.
4.We suggest to install this item (3M Self-Adhesive tape) in the temperature of 15~38°C and it is not good to install this item in the temperature below 10°C. If in winter, please heat the 3M Self-Adhesive tape on the back of item before installation in order to make the adherence better.

PS. We got customer’s complaint that the JL’s sill guards did not provide full protection to door like JK’s guards, for the question, we need to explain that the JL’s door design is different with JK’s, it will affect the seal of the door if we made the sill guards wider or higher like JK’s sill guards.

Product Features

  • Fit for:2018 Jeep Wrangler JL 4-Door Model.One Set include 2 Front and 2 Rear.
  • Used for: help protect the interior door sills from scratches
  • Made of: durable black plastic
  • Features: the Wrangler logo on the front guards, Each guard comes with 2 strips of 3M double tape on the back, it holds well and sticks permanently ,so please make sure you placed it like how you wanted.
  • Install: Clean the area (alcohol wipes to prep the door sill, alcohol not included), let dry then stick.

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