Absolutely Hands-Free & Fully Magnetic

It’s absolutely hands-free! You can use it as a cell phone holder, an easy-to-use GPS dashboard mount or your one-stop-solution for safely calling your loved ones & using apps like FaceTime, Skype, Google Maps, while driving!

Powerful neodymium magnets hold your mobile phone in position, regardless of bumps in the road!

The WYAO® magnetic cell phone mount high quality 360-degree ball mount allows you to adjust the phone to your most comfortable angles.

Just apply the complimentary metal disc to the back of your device & place it on the magnetic mount!

Easy Installation:

1. Clean the selected place with an alcohol pad, wait until dry.

2. Split off the adhesive at the base, and stick to smooth or hard place.

3. Press it firmly on a selected flat surface 15 seconds. Wait for 2 hours before use!

4. Simply stick the mount metal plate on the back of your phone or out of your phone case,then place it over the magnetic round disk.

Package including:

1x detachable magnetic plate

1x metal ANTI-RUST ball shape mount

1x adhesive metallic phone disk

2x 3M Double-side tapes

1x alcohol prep pads

1x user manual

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Product Features

  • POWERFUL MAGNET:super strong 3M adhesive and 1.96 inch mount metal plate, it will hold strongly your device. Extensively tested to ensure that its magnetic pull and magnetic field doesn’t interfere electronics of the device at all.
  • EASY TO USE AND INSTALL: Simply stick the included adhesive metallic disk to the back of your phone or phone case, and place the phone with metallic disk centered over the magnetic cell phone holder, Guarantee- your device will stay firmly attached. Stick it to whatever surface you want, including your car dashboard, office desktop, or kitchen counter, bathroom, bedroom etc.
  • FITS ANY FLAT SURFACE: WYAO® Universal cell phone holder isn’t just for your car dashboard. With its adhesive base, you can stick it wherever you need. We offered other one piece of metallic disk in the package, Can meet the use of different cell phones.
  • FOR ALL KINDS OF PHONES : Use the WYAO® Car Mount kit for any and all mobile phones. You can even use two to mount a touch screen tablet to your dash!The WYAO® cell phone car mount is with safe smart design and contains a strong magnet that won’t damage your phone or tablet.

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