Use the type of shop vacuum car detailing kit that the pros use to get your car showroom clean. This premium auto detailing kit comes with everything you need to vacuum even the most hard-to-reach areas of your car, truck, or van. Finally with one set of wet dry vac accessories be able to clean between/under the seats, dashboard, air vents, upholstery, carpet, and consoles. These shop vacuum attachments are all you need to keep the inside of your ride free of debris.

Product Features

  • This shop vacuum car detailing kit contains a premium grade hose this more durable and increased flexibility lets it get into tight areas for auto detailing.
  • The Flexible Crevice Tool is a shop vacuum attachment ideal for a car detailing kit. It provides side-to-side agility in tight, narrow spaces unlike most rigid wet dry vacuum accessories
  • This premium automotive cleaning kit also includes a stiff bristle brush to lift debris from carpets, utility spaces, trunks and floor mats, and a soft bristle brush that removes duster from dashes, vents, and consoles.
  • Also includes a claw nozzle with adapter. This shop vacuum attachment is similar to those at a car wash designed to penetrate carpets and upholstery.
  • This shop vacuum car detailing kit fits most shop vacuums with a standard 2-1/2-inch inlet opening or hose. The 1-1/4-inch diameter accessories are designed for maneuverability in tight spaces

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