This loud quad trumpet Air Horn will produce a high powered sound of 149dB. Made of metal and black painted for maximum strength and durability. Horn comes with a 12V electric valve solenoid, hose, mounting hardware and installation instructions. An on-board air system is required for operation. Ideal for vehicles such as Cars, SUVs, Trucks, RVs and Boats. Definitely a horn to choose to equip your vehicle with a true TRAIN HORN SOUND. Four Trumpet Train Air Horn Color: Black Sound Output: 149dB Operating pressure: 60-150 psi Construction: Metal Air Valve: 12 volt electric solenoid Mounting Hardware Included Horn Size: 13-¾”, 11-½”, 9-¼”, 7-¾” with 3-¾” diameter each Note: Onboard Air System Required

Product Features

  • This product requires an Onboard Air System
  • Color: Black, Sound Output: 142dB
  • 12V Electric Air Valve (solenoid)
  • ¼ inch OD Nylon Plastic Hose (6 Feet)
  • Mounting Hardware Included

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