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The cause of ignition coil burnout:
Ignition coil burnout is mainly due to aging insulation breakdown or switch triode damage. Spark plug clearance is too large to cause a large load of main coil, large heat, and fast aging of the insulation layer. Spark plug gap is too small to cause secondary coil discharge current, heat, insulation aging fast. If it is always burned out, it will burn soon after the replacement.

Here are some reasons for this:
1. First, the problem of generators, if the power generation is too high, it will cause the ignition coil load is too heavy, then easy to burn, but if the power generation is too high, then the body of electrical appliances, such as light bulbs, etc., will often be damaged; Of course, it does not rule out the quality of parts, so it is best to measure the amount of electricity generated.
2. spark plug gap is too large, you need to adjust the gap or replace the spark plug;
3. if the quality of gasoline is not good, you need to try changing the high grade of gasoline;

How to use the ignition coil properly:
1. Prevent the ignition coil from heat or moisture
2. Do not turn on the ignition switch when the engine is not running
3. Always inspect, clean and fasten the circuit connector to avoid short circuit.

Product Features

  • The Super Coils are engineered for a faster rise time and a longer spark duration. They produce higher spark energy for increased performance.
  • Do-it-yourself,Direct replacement/Upgrade over your original stock coils. We only use the highest grade materials. This makes our product durable and reliable under extreme conditions while providing High Electrical Resistance, strong Spark from plugs, and being resistant to Corrosion and Abrasion.
  • Radio-Frequency Interference (RFI) Suppression – Minimize electronic noise.Magnets – Hold strength for the coil to maintain proper energy output.
  • Insulation – Multiple coats on the primary and secondary windings to ensure no internal arcing.Coil Housing – Engineered to withstand extremes in temperature without cracking.
  • Please check fitment bar and description before you BUY IT as the part can change based on the year/ month of manufacture of your vehicle.

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