Ultima products are not watered down. In a bottle of an Ultima sealant, for example, there is more active ingredient than in a traditional product that is watered down and has fragrances and all manner of other non-functional ingredients. An application of Ultima Interior Guard Plus for instance leaves nearly all of the Polycharger polymer on the interior surfaces for the entire season, leaving them protected. Ultima sealants are all clear and have no color. Ultima doesn’t waste any room in the bottle with die, water, emulsifiers, powders, or silicone. They are indeed “Clearly Different”. Ultima Interior Guard Plus uses superior science and technology to coat, seal, and protect every finish in your fine vehicle. This clear sealant dries completely and will not leave a greasy, slippery film that attracts dust. Instead, fabrics, leather, and vinyl will all take on the tactile feel of fine cashmere. A damp cloth is all that is required to clean and maintain your interior as sealant protection lasts for months.

Product Features

  • Boosted by Polycharger for superior protection
  • Seals and protects leather, vinyl, plastic, and wood trim
  • Resists staining, water damage & the effects of oils and salt from the skin
  • Provides UV protection to prevent drying and cracking of interior surfaces

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