Kit Contains:
4 – 750ml Bottle of Black Truck Bed Liner Base
1 – 1L U-POL Raptor Standard Hardener
Includes FREE Custom Coat Bedliner Spray Gun with Regulator and Gauge ($34.95 Value)
Mixing Ratio: 3:1 Truck Bed Liner Base: U-POL Raptor Standard Hardener

U-POL Raptor Bed Liner & Texture Coating is a 2.1 VOC 2K protective urethane coating manufactured for the application to truck beds, wood, concrete, metal, aluminum, fiberglass, and on most OE manufacturer’s finishes. U-POL Raptor is easy to use. It protects against rust and corrosion, and has excellent UV protection. U-POL Raptor can be applied with a Bedliner gun. Simply add hardener, shake and spray. It can also be rolled or brushed on.

Tough, durable 2 part urethane coating(Also available in Tintable in a separate listing)

– Easy to use: ADD hardener – SHAKE – SPRAY
– Enough material to re-spray the largest truck beds
– No need to wax after application Abrasion and Stain Resistant
– Protects against rust, corrosion salt, damp & extreme temperatures
– Waterproof, flexible, helps deaden sound & vibrations
– Apply with Bedliner gun, roller or brush to obtain different textures
– Provides excellent adhesion

Preparation: U-POL Raptor Truck Bed Liner can be applied to most original manufacturers finishes. The surface should be lightly scuffed, and free from dirt and rust. For best results bare metal should be treated with a suitable etch primer e.g. U-POL ACID#8 (UP0776/ UP0741)

Product Features

  • Easy to use: ADD hardener – SHAKE – SPRAY
  • Custom Coat Bedliner Spray Gun features adjustable nozzle and includes Regulator and Gauge
  • Abrasion and Stain Resistant
  • Protects against rust corrosion salt damp & extreme temperatures
  • Waterproof flexible helps deaden sound & vibrations

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