Product Description: Never worry about who was at fault during an accident; your dash camera
will give you all the proof and information you need.

Vehicle accidents happen, sometimes whether we try to avoid them or not. If you’re a driver who routinely worries about accidents, an Uber driver who has multiple passengers in your car each day, or just want a little piece of mind when you’re on the road, then you need the TURNYOUNG Car Camera.

The TURNYOUNG Car Camera provides seamless video recording in high-definition so you never have to worry about an insurance scam or drivers out for there looking to be aggressive. With one-button recording, audio captured by a microphone, and automatic collision detection and parking recording, you and your vehicle will be covered if an accident does occur. Let us focus on the details so you can focus on safe driving. Get the TURNYOUNG today to and make every time you get behind the wheel less stressful.

Product Description:

• Vibrant 4″ IPS HD Display

•F2.0 Six Layer Optical Glass LENS

• Provides USB 2.0 Connectivity

• 155-Degree Wide Angle Six G Lens (with pull back)

• Motion Detection and Parking Monitoring Functions

• Supports up to 32GB Micro SD Card

• Infrared Lamp Function

• HD Pixel Quality: 1280p x 720p, 1920p x 1080p

• Multiple Language Available: Simplified and Traditional Chinese, English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, French, Korean, Italian and Russian.

Protect yourself and your vehicle with a dash camera that’s always watching, even if you aren’t in the car. Get yours today by clicking ‘Add to Cart’

Product Features

  • • HIGH DEFINITION RECORDINGS – Advanced visual recording technology allows the TUNRN YOUNG to capture HD video with fast, crystal clear imaging.
  • • VIBRANT DISPLAY -F2.0 Six Layer Optical Glass LENS .Our cameras capture images and videos with a 155-degree wide angle lens and then replay it on a gorgeous 4″ IPS HD display in ultra-detail.display as big as ipone5.
  • • AUTOMATIC ACCIDENT PROTECTION – The G-sensor technology included in each camera automatically detects car accidents and records that data and locks it away for safe keeping and insurance issues.
  • •PARKING PROTECTION – Along with standard driving protection that reduces your liability during an accident, the cam also features a motion sensing parking alarm that records if a collision or vehicle movement commences.
  • •RELIABLE GUARANTEE – If you don’t absolutely believe in the quality and reliability of our dash camera, contact us today and we’ll happily refund your order if it’s within 30 days.

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