These are the World Famous, Industry Leading Your Nutz Brand of Truck Nuts. These are the ones that started it all! Any other brand is a cheaper imitation of the ones that everyone wants, that is, the Your Nutz with the Really Cool Veins and a Textured Surface. These are the ones with the Strong Thick Neck and the Large Mounting Hole. They are made from an almost indestructible plastic. Products we offer are Brand New and Made in the USA utilizing the highest quality standards. We strive to ship SAME DAY and we offer over 250 styles of Automotive Novelty Items. Best Prices. Get Yours Today! Go back to the TOP of the listing and click on Other Products By Your Nutz and you will see over 100 styles we have for you on Amazon! There are 16 inch tall Monster Truck Nuts, 8 inch Tall Big Balls, 4 Inch Tall Biker Balls and of course 2 and 2.5 inch tall Key Chain Nuts! We have the ones that light up so you can have Stop, Turn and Tail lights in Your Nutz. We offer the best selection and best looking Camo nuts available! We are the Best Deal Going when it comes to All Truck Nuts and the Associated Stuff. You’ve got Our Four Star Commitment to Providing Our Customers with 1:Huge Selection 2:Fantastic Pricing 3:Top Quality and 4:Lighting Quick Shipping, and that means You Truly Will Have the Best Deal Anywhere!

Product Features

  • 8″ Tall with Thick Neck and Strongest Plastic
  • Flesh Colored Nutz and a Hangin Kit
  • Set Your Rig Up Fast With this Kit
  • Gives you the Most Mounting Options
  • These are the Original Nutz on the Net, the ones that started it all!

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