Toyota Tundra & Sequoia center console organizational tray. The best designed organizer for Tundra and Sequoia, giving you the most efficient way to organize and access the items you use every day. MX Tundra Tray is designed to fit into your 2007-2018 Tundra and 2008-2018 Sequoia center console by simply sliding it into place. The Tundra & Sequoia tray engineered for perfect fitment in your late model Toyota. 100% designed, and made in the USA. Tray shape, depth, and position gives the driver easy access to mobile phone and charging cable. Never go searching for your charging cable again, the MX Tray will hold your phone’s power cable in place after being unplugged from the phone. Storage spaces designed to allow easy access to your wallet, sunglasses, pens, business cards, and everything you need to have in your hands at a moments notice. No need to go searching for your most essential items again. Double-sided anti-slip traction pads allow you to have the right look and proper hold for anything you want to put inside of your MX Automotive Tray.

Product Features

  • FREE SHIPPING-Durable black ABS plastic organizer, designed to keep your Tundra and Sequoia center console organized.
  • Fits Toyota Tundra 2007-2018 & Toyota Sequoia models 2008-2018 with front bucket seats.
  • 100% made in the USA.
  • Engineered to hold items most frequently used by Tundra & Sequoia drivers, while providing optimal visibility and access.
  • Allows access to console charging port while holding power cable in place when not being used.

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