Truly the best Quality & Value combination on the web! Toyota Tundra Matte Black tailgate emblem kits are now available. These parts are made by a top quality global OEM manufacturer specifically for EyeCatcher. UV Stable, TRD (Toyota Racing Development) PRO Stain Black designed to set your truck apart from the others. Installation is a breeze and takes 2 minutes…literally. Our letters are molded to fit into the debossed area of the Tundra tailgate. Choose from Chrome or Satin Black options. Installation is quick and easy with no guesswork. Step 1, Use rubbing alcohol to clean the TUNDRA lettering depression on the tailgate. Ensure all dust, dirt, and wax are removed from the debossed area. Step 2, Facing the Tundra insert, turn it flat face down and remove the white paper carrier protecting the lettering adhesive. The letters will stay in place on the clear carrier. Step 3, Hold both ends of the clear backing and line up the N and D on the back of the tailgate. The rest of the letters will fall into place. Once secured to the tailgate, use a cloth and rub the letters to secure them into place, do this several times to ensure years of enjoyment. Step 4, Pull off the clear installation carrier and now your Tundra looks AWESOME!

Product Features

  • Just Released – Another Top Quality EyeCatcher Insert
  • UV Stable TRD PRO Satin Black – Built to Last
  • Pre-Spaced on a Clear Carrier for a Perfect 2 Minute Installation every time
  • Fits 2014-2018 Toyota Tundra
  • Best Quality and Value Combination on the Web

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