Your TopLift pros Jeep hardtop apparatus is the most revolutionary system ever brought to the market. No more will you have limitations as to removing your hardtop and storing it with your Freedom Panels. Being extremely safe to use by you and securing your hardtop in place is essential for peace of mind for cracking your top can lead to $1000’s of dollars for a new one. Powder coated protecting against the elements and built with quality ensuring a lifetime of use. Need customers views, just visit us to read their testimonials at TOPLIFTPROS.COM Optional Door Lift and Removal Tool is available for this product. Remove your Doors without the hassle. Unparalleled quality compared to all devices on the market. Have Questions, please call us at (855) 392-0092.

Product Features

  • 1. For ONE person, Extremely easy to use from the very start. Works with both 2 Door and 4 Door, fully adjustable for lifted suspension and wheel combinations.
  • 2. No limited space in your garage. Low ceiling garage, no problem. We accommodate all, including public storage…
  • 3. SAFE, SECURE AND VERY RELIABLE. Top won’t drop due to a broken cable. Ours uses a gear and will catch if cable breaks, securing the top safely. Will NOT impede upon your top cosmetically, for it is completely internal and lifts the top up to where it rest comfortably without any stress on the top itself.
  • 4. No Installation Cost incurred and You don’t have to permanently mount it to your hardtop to use it.
  • 5. Enjoy your Jeep to its fullest, whether taking your hardtop off each week or every day, we make it easy for you. Also completely mobile to take with you on vacation… 

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