When it comes to tackling the Rubicon trail, getting passed means coming in last. Never settle for second place by juicing your Jeep with the Superchips TrailDash2 Jeep Tuner. Packed with just-for-Jeep performance and monitoring tools, the Superchips TrailDash2 powers your 4×4 to its fullest path-chewing potential. The Superchips Trail Dash 2 comes fully-loaded with performance tunes and features designed to handle any off-road track including the exclusive Superchips “Crawl” tune for slow-speed off-roading (JK only). From monitoring your vehicle’s vital parameters to unleashing every pony and pound of torque, the Superchips Trail Dash 2 readies your rig for total domination.

Product Features

  • Reboot your rock-crawling power with a Superchips TrailDash2 Jeep Tuner
  • Fully-loaded with tunes and features to help you dominate anywhere you drive
  • Includes the exclusive Superchips “Crawl” tune for low-speed off-roading (JK only)

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