Lights for the Modern Explorer

Like the wagons and sleds of the early explorers, your Jeep is more than mere transportation, it’s your passport to freedom and adventure. While at times you may not be able to see what lies over the next ridge, the quality of your equipment should always be visible. Made from trail-ready materials like ABS and polycarbonate while sporting an IP66 waterproof rating, our LED tail lights are as unshakeable as the mountains you climb.

Attention-Getting Technology

Brake lights provide vital info to other drivers and play a large part in protecting you and your family. In situations where fractions of a second can make the difference between a trip to the river or to the hospital, you need to be sure your brake lights are reliable and bright. Packing 60 LEDs, our brake lights are brighter, lasts longer, and has a significantly faster rise time than traditional bulbs, which means others will see your lights sooner and have more time to react.

Lights as Stunning as the Views

You don’t have to sacrifice style to be king of the mountain. With line and halo patterned brake/turn/reverse, side reflectors, and sporting a lens as smoky as a campfire, these tail lights are sure to highlight your personal style. Switch out your old brake lights for a set of new LEDs and look as awesome as you feel.



  • Unique line and halo design
  • 60 LEDs per unit
  • Smoked lens styling
  • Brake, turn, side reflector, and resistors
  • IP66 waterproof
  • Plug-and-play design


What’s Included?

(1) 5-Stripe Design 60-LED Left Tail Light – Smoked

  • (1) Left Tail Light

(1) 5-Stripe Design 60-LED Right Tail Light – Smoked

  • (1) Right Tail Light

Product Features

  • PROTECTION AND PREVENTION – Like our beautiful national parks, our families are a trust that need our protection. Bigger, brighter, and faster than traditional brake lights, LED brake lights just made that job a little bit easier.
  • BREATHTAKING VIEWS – With a unique line and halo design, smoked lens, side reflectors, bright reverse lights, and built-in resistors to ensure functionality, these lights just might be the tail light version of a beach-side bonfire.
  • BECAUSE MOTHER NATURE FIGHTS DIRTY – Like a deeply rooted tree or the wave battered coastline, our tail lights shrug off even the most vicious punishment. IP66 rated and uncompromising in their construction, there’s no river they can’t forge and no storm they can’t weather.
  • NO SWEAT INSTALL – Conquering a new trail can be daunting. Switching out your tail lights on the other hand, should be easy. Our brake lights are basically plug-and-play… only with less plug and a lot more play.
  • RELAX WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED – We designed our lights to handle anything, even a trip back to us in a return box. Our two-year warranty lets you focus on what’s around the next corner, not your lights.

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