As avid outdoorsmen & women ourselves, we’re always on the pursuit of our next adventure & getting away from it all. That could mean taking our families out on our next camping or kayaking trip (preferably outside of cell range so it actually counts as “family time”), or heading out deer or elk hunting. Anytime you leave the blacktop to get to these adventures you run the risk of getting stuck. That’s where Vault Cargo Management’s shackle hitch comes into play!

Our shackle hitch boasts a 10,000 lbs capacity – that’s over DOUBLE the weight of a standard sized pickup truck which comes in at about 4,500 lbs on average. This means that you should have zero issues getting your tow strap hooked up & secured, and getting pulled out of whatever predicament you’re in.

Our personal preference is to keep our standard ball hitch attached 99% of the time, with our shackle hitch in the back of the truck waiting for its opportunity to shine. After all, you never know when you’ll happen upon someone that thought it would be a good idea to try “drifting” for the first time on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, and you’ll want to be prepared to lend a helping hand!

Grab your Vault Cargo Management Shackle Hitch today for a bargain, and have the confidence to get way out there on your next adventure!

Product Features

  • ✓ Dual hitch pin holes give you the flexibility to connect the shackle horizontally or vertically!
  • ✓ 10,000 Lbs Capacity – That’s over double the weight of standard truck which is only about 4,500 lbs!
  • ✓ Drop Forged Steel – You’ll know this is a solid piece of equipment from the moment you pick it up!
  • ✓ Don’t keep having to reconnect your tow strap on your ball hitch. Lock it in with Vault’s shackle
  • ✓ Other brands use low quality zinc coatings. Help prevent rust with Vault’s rugged powder coating!

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