The RM10 Blind Spot Mirrors are specifically designed for 4th Gen Ram Trucks (2009-2017) that have non-towing mirrors. A perfect complement to the stock non-towing mirror as it increases the view around your vehicle when driving and parking while also being custom fit to match the truck to appear as it came with the vehicle. The RM10 Blind Spot Mirror will fit specifically stock mirror numbers Auto Dimming: 68079362AA (Right) 68079363AA (Left) Non-Dimming 68050296AA (Right) 68050297AA (Left).

Product Features

  • Blind Spot Mirror for 4th Gen Ram Trucks (2009-2017)
  • Custom Fit to match 4th Gen Ram Trucks with non-towing mirrors.
  • Easily attaches to stock mirror.
  • Improves visibility around vehicle when driving and parking.
  • Can be attached in the upper outside or lower outside corner of stock mirror.

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