Recon 26414 Do you want your rig to stand out from the crowd? If so, RECON has the answer! RECON, the premiere manufacturer of aftermarket lighting and accessories for the Truck and SUV market is proud to announce their new “BIG RIG” Side Mounted Amber Colored LED Running Light Kits for nearly every make & model of truck and SUV. RECON’s “BIG RIG” Side Mounted LED Running Lights mount neatly beneath the door sill of your truck and run the length of the rocker panel below your truck’s driver-side and passenger-side doors. RECON’s “BIG RIG” Side Mounted Running Light Kits function as running/parking lights and then intensify six times when the turn signals are applied. RECON’s “BIG RIG” Side Mounted Running Lights are street legal and have been approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA).

Product Features

  • 62 inches in length
  • Fits all Extended and Quad Cab trucks
  • Sold as a Two (2) Piece Set, Includes Left & Right Side
  • Functions: Running Lights, Parking Lights, Turn Signals, Hazard Lights

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