Strapright Extra Long Ratchet Tie Down Straps

• We have made these extra-long at 19′ x 1″ to ensure you have plenty of strap to secure the big loads.

• The rubber handled ratchet ensures a comfortable release that is easy on your hands. The rubber handle is permanently fixed onto the ratchet so they won’t come off.

• The ratchet is made from high tensile steel ensuring a long life & a strong mechanism.

• The strong hooks are rubber coated to protect from scratching your load & the S is shaped with a full curve so it won’t let go from the fixing point like other more open hooks do.

• Polyester is King: These tie downs don’t stretch or hold moisture & are super strong because they are made from 100% polyester webbing. Peace of mind: car seatbelts are made from Polyester. Other nylon straps will stretch & hold moisture which can loosen your load & shortens their life. The polyester webbing is UV treated so it is durable to the rays of the sun.

• To make it easy, we have included a step by step guide for using the tie downs. This has pictures of each step to make it really simple & quick to get under way.

• We have included a strong BONUS storage bag to store the tie downs in when you are not using them.

• The extra length & strength means they have a wide variety of uses such as trailer loads, motorbikes, RTV’s, beehives, boats, jet skis, mountain bikes, canoes, hammock straps… almost anything!.

“We bought cheap tie downs, the rubber handles came off & they were too short for many of the things we wanted to tie down. We threw them out & bought the Strapright tie downs & what a difference. These held together well & they are long so we never have trouble tying the kayaks on the trailer now” Jim M.

Product Features

  • You can secure bigger loads as these are extra-long 19′ tie-down straps – don’t get caught short
  • Rubber handles that won’t come off as they are permanently fixed to the steel ratchets
  • Coated S hook won’t scratch your load & the curved hook holds on better than more open hooks
  • Easy to use rubber release & instruction guide + bonus storage bag to keep the straps in one place
  • 1500lb break strain straps won’t stretch or hold water as they are made from Polyester not Nylon

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