Don’t Buy Cheap Ratchet Straps Ever!


When hauling any type of load, LARGE or SMALL, it is critical that you are CONFIDENT in the ratchet strap’s ability to function as it was designed to do.


Quality Ratchet Straps Should:


→ Be Constructed of Heavy Duty Steel and WOVEN Polyester Webbing that has been INDIVIDUALLY Strength tested before being sold.


→ Have straps long enough to completely reach securing points with RUBBER COATED hooks that are a full 180 degrees in shape to stay hooked despite rough road conditions or in climate weather.


→ Include a WARRANTY that gives you confidence in your investment, and be replaced if it ever fails to meet excellence.


→ Impart ease of use and CONFIDENCE that the cargo you have secured to your truck or trailer is SAFE for you and others on the road.


→ Be DESIGNED by a Company that understands the importance of Strength, Reliability, and getting a Job done correctly the first time.


↑ Our Ratchets are ALL of the ABOVE! ↑


THE STRAP JACKET Ratchet Tie-downs are designed by us, used by us, and are professional quality.


Buy a set NOW and discover what makes them better than the rest!

Product Features

  • BUILT STRONGER TO WORK HARDER- Constructed of heavy duty materials these ratchets are designed to out-perform all cheaper brands. We use our own products daily and we want you to have that same confidence. 100% Satisfaction is our goal. THE STRAP JACKET brand has Excellent Seller and Product Reviews for a reason! Ratchet straps are our specialty and consistent happy customers are what we strive for.
  • FULL 12″ SOFT-LOOP STRAPS ARE BUILT IN ON RATCHET STRAP END- This eliminates the need for additional equipment to do the job. Professional grade heavy-duty ratchets designed with a dependable rubberized handle for ease of operation.
  • NEVER COME UP SHORT WITH FIFTEEN FOOT LENGTH STRAPS- Perfect long length to ensure all your cargo is covered completely. Any excess ratchet strap can easily be contained or stored in our flagship product also available.
  • STAY SECURE SUPERIOR FULL 180° RUBBER COATED HOOKS- Each ratchet strap has two steel hooks that are completely coated in a durable rubberized plastic designed to remain in place for the whole journey and not damage your cargo or vehicle.
  • INDIVIDUALLY TESTED HIGH STRENGTH RATED- Each of our ratchet straps are constructed of one inch webbing with total 500 pound load and 1500 pound break capacity for safety. Invest in a tool that will work well again and again. These ratchets work exceptionally well because they are constructed of the best materials, and are engineered to fasten securely and operate flawlessly.

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