The 60-inch wide 5-function LED light bars from Rampage products features side to side 3rd brake light, turn signal lights and running lights as well as white reverse lights.

The LED bar not only looks cool, it adds a certain safety factor with its’ ultra high intensity Super Bright LEDS. When off, the black bar is hidden under the tailgate. Turn on your parking/driving lights, the entire length of the bar lights up with LEDS. Step on the brakes… the intensity of the Red LED’s increase dramatically. Hit the turn signals… and the appropriate half of the bar flashes accordingly. And of course, turn on the hazards and it all blinks. Then when you pit in it reverse, a bright white back up light illuminates across rear. the Installation is a breeze.

As for the electrical connection, that is as easy as plugging it into the factory 4 prong trailer wiring connection on the back of your vehicle and then bringing the reverse wire into your rear taillight to be spliced in. Don’t have a trailer plug? You can add one easily to most vehicles or you can wire it directly into your vehicles taillights.

Beware of the imitators or low quality LED bars on the market today-these are the only WATERPROOF design under normal conditions. The unique material and manufacturing process keeps moisture out-there is no cavity for moisture to collect in. The Rampage LED Tailgate Lightbar uses circuit board mounted, ultra high intensity LEDs in a sealed waterproof enclosure. This enclosure is attached on the bottom of the flat back mounting system… no oversize lip at the top to interfere with tailgate/hatch operation. The electrical connection wire is a flat bonded 4 wire system that uses a molded and sealed plug for hookup to the vehicle. All items are of high quality for long term hassle free operation.

All Rampage LED bars are shipped in thick polymer shipping tubes to ensure protection en route. Live Tech help available over the phone at no charge if you need further installation assistance. Fits most full size Pick Up Trucks.

Product Features

  • Heavy gauge wiring with plug-in flat four hitch connector to quickly plug into existing trailer hitch; includes fuse protection
  • Exclusive waterproof design
  • High quality SMT technology circuit board
  • Universal fit and mounting
  • One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

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