This is a HIGH QUALITY value-for-money Racing Performance replacement fuel pump kit. It is designed replace the pump inside the OEM stock assembly for both modified performance and stock engine applications. You will also receive a universal installation kit (including the critically important strainer) that allows for installation adaptations in numerous variations of Assembly shapes and designs. This Performance Intank Fuel Pump has several design advantages compared to more costly Performance pumps, or generic offshore unproven pumps sold by fulfillment warehouses instead of real performance shops. 1. HFP pumps are manufactured to our specifications to balance volume, pressure, and turbine impeller angle to prevent overheating of the fuel, a known issue with other pumps. 2. HFP pumps are flow verified by RC Engineering and are guaranteed to flow higher than any 340 LPH on the market. It is efficient, quiet, long lasting, and designed to maintain the high pressures that modern fuel injected vehicles require. 3. Except for a faint “wheen” during pump priming, HFP pumps are nearly silent. 4. HFP Performance pumps can also be used as direct OEM replacement pumps for stock applications, without overpowering the factory fuel pressure regulator. This is not the case with all performance pumps. Using an HFP Performance pump instead of an OEM replacement will simply provide room to grow if any modifications are planned for the future. 5. The HFP manufacturing quality control process is rigorous and comprehensive and pumps are designed to last for 100,000 miles.

Product Features

  • Supports over 600 BHP in N/A, Turbocharged, and Supercharged applications
  • Designed and constructed to balance volume, pressure, and turbine impeller angle to prevent overheating of fuel–and problem free operation in excess of 100,000 miles
  • HFP Support for QFS pumps is USA based and provided by USA technicians. Ships from the USA.
  • HFP pumps exceed OEM specifications in fit, form and function
  • Unless you want exceptional racing performance, you should consider the OEM replacement kit HFP-382

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