Prime Choice Auto Parts carries an extensive line of Window Regulator Replacements, all at unbeatable prices. Our inventory includes both manual and power window regulators so we can supply the correct replacement part depending on your vehicle’s requirements. You may never need to know what a window regulator replacement is until you can no longer lower or raise your window. You also may not notice how much you utilize your vehicle’s windows until they are inoperable. It can make something as simple as getting a coffee through the drive-thru into a tedious and embarrassing task. If your vehicle’s windows can no longer go up or down, there is a strong chance that you will require a replacement window regulator. With Prime Choice Auto Parts, fixing this issue is simple. Our discount window regulators are priced to be the lowest on the Internet, so you can save a ton of cash and frustration on your repairs. Our parts have been manufactured to meet or exceed your vehicle’s requirements for performance and fit, providing you with the best value on new parts. Purchase your parts online with Prime Choice Auto Parts, and have your parts delivered in no time. Prime Choice Auto Parts – Low Price, High Quality and Incredible Value on new replacement Window Regulators for your car or truck.

Product Features

  • High quality and brand new
  • Quality tested to ensure easy installation, optimal performance, and enhanced durability
  • Simple Electrical Plug in Assembly – No wire splicing necessary (Applicable only for Power Window Regulators)
  • Offered as a full assembly, providing unsurpassed convenience in repairs
  • 100% new components and manufactured from high quality, durable material for extended life

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