A hub bearing, also known as a wheel hub bearing, enables the wheels and attached components to rotate smoothly and keeps the wheel attached to the car. The bearings are mounted on a wheel hub, which is located between the brake drums and the axle. Wheel bearings wear out over time due to age and contamination. As they wear out, excess play also develops in the bearing. The main signs of a damaged wheel hub bearing are abnormal noises and loose steering. Our hub bearing assemblies are made from high quality materials for durability, reliability, and high performance. A high quality seal design offers premium protection from contamination and ensures a clean, long lasting hub bearing. Our aftermarket hub bearings are precision-machined and pre-coated with an anti-corrosion lubricant for enhanced protection and performance. They are manufactured to meet or exceed expectations for performance and fit. In addition, they are designed for quick and easy installation. This pair of hub bearing assemblies are manufactured and distributed by Prime Choice Auto Parts. As an auto parts wholesaler, we are able to provide you with factory-direct prices that save you up to 70% off the retail price. Purchase your wheel hub bearing assemblies wholesale direct online from Prime Choice Auto Parts and SAVE! All our products are inspected to ensure you receive the highest possible quality auto parts, for the right vehicle, at the best price. Please note: Hub Bearings should always be replaced in pairs (front or rear). In addition, hub bearings must be torqued to vehicle specifications to prevent failure.

Product Features

  • High quality, brand new hub bearing assembly
  • Latest generation design used in manufacturing our hub assemblies.Manufactured to meet or exceed expectations for performance and fit
  • High quality seal design ensures a clean long lasting hub bearing
  • Sensors are designed to match specific make & model
  • Precision machined and pre-coated with anti-corrosion lubricant

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