Nitrous oxide attacks the problem of how to get more oxygen into the cylinder from a different angle, don?t change the amount of air the engine can breathe by forcing air in like a Turbo or Supercharger, but increase the amount of oxygen it can breathe. Air contains only about 20% oxygen, where nitrous oxide contains about 36% oxygen. If you add nitrous oxide, you increase the total mixture?s oxygen level significantly, which allows for up to a 50% increase in oxygen level. That’s a huge increase in POWER. The nozzle mounts on the airbox or airfilter where it sprays a fine mist of nitrous that is then drawn into the engine through the carburetor. This allows the nitrous to be naturally aspirated into the cylinder instead of being forced, which is much friendlier to the motor and allows the nitrous to be used in a much wider range of throttle and rpm settings. An interesting side effect of using nitrous oxide is the cooling effect it has on intake temperatures. When released from MicroBurst’s pressurized container, nitrous oxide temperature drops to around negative 129 degrees, which will cool the overall intake charge by up to 75 degrees, resulting in even more horsepower. The big advantage of nitrous is that it provides power on demand at the touch of a button. Otherwise, you don’t even notice it’s there.

Product Features

  • Nitrous Oxide (NOS) is the simplest, least expensive way, to provide a significantÿhorsepower boost to your engine,ÿand add performance you can feel in the seat.ÿ
  • This is a full anodized aluminum unit.
  • LowÿCostÿPerformace-ÿNitrous offers you more performance per dollar spent, than any other performance modification.ÿ
  • Fuel Mileage and Drivability-Since MicroBurst N20 is used only when needed, it offers you the advantages of complete drivability and normal fuel mileage while not “on the button.”ÿ In fact, nitrousÿworks best with motors that are stock or mildly modified.
  • Fits 50 90 100 110 125 150 175 200 250 cc

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