Small Portable Parts Washer. A REAL BARGAIN! Clean parts, quickly and easily. This Small Portable Parts Washer attaches easily to a standard 5-gallon bucket, and the included brush attachment scrubs parts clean with efficiency! Clean up: Fits easily on a standard 5-gallon bucket; Brush attachment scrubs efficiently; Small design for easy storage.; Get yours today! Small Portable Parts Washer

Product Features

  • Small portable parts washer designed to be used on a standard 5-gal bucket.
  • Lightweight and portable enough to be easily moved from job to job.
  • Ribbed drainage channels and a filtered gate to catch waste material.
  • Ideal for garage, home or business use. Apply cleaning solution with the handy flow through brush.
  • Pump sets conveniently in the base of your 5 gallon bucket.

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