CDI module for 660 Yamaha Rhino and Grizzly. Our performance CDI module will give you the most bang for your buck. With increased spark energy you will experience easier starting and better throttle response. Removes the speed limiter and increases max revs by 1000 to 7800 RPM. It also will eliminate the reverse rev limiter. Compatible with both standard gauges and Rhino digital dash. Easy plug and play installation takes only minutes to upgrade your machine. This module with also work with many of the Chinese 700c Rhino clones with carbureted engines.

Completely removes top speed governer
Increases max RPM from 6800-7800
Removes reverse rev limit
Increases top speed up to 10mph
Improves timing curve for better throttle response
Simple plug and play installation
Adds brake circuit startup safety feature
Works with standard and digital speedometer
6 month replacement warranty!
Yamaha Rhino 660 (2004-Up)
Grizzly 660cc (2004-Up)
Chinese 700cc Rhino clones (carbureter engines only):

Product Features

  • Higher spark energy and improved timing curve
  • Removes speed limiter and increases max RPM by 1000
  • Removes reverse rev limit and adds brake circuit startup safety
  • Works with standard and digital gauges
  • Please check the description and images to make sure this is what you are looking for

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