This listing features for 2 pieces of LED truck bed lighting system

It is used to illuminate your truck bed with these light pods! There are 4 LED pods on each strand. Every pod has 6 Red LEDs. It is perfect to light up your whole truck bed with a flip of a switch! Each pod comes with 3M tape on the pod backside and the pods are completely waterproof.


Green Color

38mm x 38mm stainless steel casing with screw tap

6LED supper bright Green LED each pod

60cm spacing between each two pods

3M tape on the pod backside.

16pcs stainless steel screws

Waterproof (It couldn’t be used underwater.)

Product Features

  • 8pcs Universal Pickup Truck Bed Box Waterproof Green LED Lighting Light Kit
  • Pickup Truck Bed Work Box Waterproff Green 48-LED Lighting Accessories Kit
  • Exterior & Interior Use 8 Pods in total , 6 LEDs in one Pod
  • LED Truck Bed Rear Work Box Lighting Kit Trunk Light for All Pickup Trucks
  • Univeral as long as the length fit your vehicles

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