1. Partsam Grille kit is designed to allow air pass through the engine compartment to cool the vehicle’s engine and prevent the vehicle from overheating.
2.It is easy to install, directly replace the old grille and not need to require drilling.
3.It is crafted from chrome ABS plastic and will not rust, corrode or peel.
4.This chrome grille insert protects the engine from off-road elements like road debris such as papers, plastic, broken glasses, stones, etc., from getting through the engine compartment.

Kindly please check Models Jeep Wangler series that are compatible with Partsam Front Grill Insert Kit below:

2011 70th Anniversary Sport Utility 2-Door
2014 Altitude Sport Utility 2-Door/4-Door
2015 Base Sport Utility 4-Door
2014-2015 Freedom Edition Sport Utility 2-Door/4-Door
2010 Islander Sport Utility 2-Door/Mountain Sport Utility 2-Door
2014 Polar Edition Sport Utility 2-Door/4-Door
2007-2016 Rubicon Sport Utility 2-Door/Sahara Sport Utility 2-Door
2016 Sport S Sport Utility 2-Door
2010-2016 Sport Sport Utility 2-Door
2011 Unlimited 70th Anniversary Sport Utility 4-Door
2012 Unlimited Altitude Sport Utility 4-Door
2014 Unlimited Dragon Edition Sport Utility 4-Door
2015 Unlimited Hard Rock Sport Utility 4-Door
2010 Unlimited Islander Sport Utility 4-Door
2010-2012 Unlimited Mountain Sport Utility 4-Door
2007-2016 Unlimited Rubicon Sport Utility 4-Door/Sahara Sport Utility 4-Door
2007 Unlimited Sahara Sport Utility 2-Door
2016 Unlimited Sport S Sport Utility 4-Door
2010-2016 Unlimited Sport Sport Utility 4-Door
2012 Unlimited Sport Utility 4-Door
2014 Unlimited Willys Wheeler Sport Utility 4-Door
2007-2011 Unlimited X Sport Utility 4-Door
2014 2015 Willys Wheeler Sport Utility 2-Door/4-Door
2015 X Edition Sport Utility 2-Door/4-Door
2007-2011 X Sport Utility 2-Door

Product Features

  • ✔ Partsam Black Front Grill Mesh Grille Insert Kit for Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Sahara Jk 2007-2017, easier to install and last longer, never need to worry the grille inserts will fall down when you are running your jeep. Moreover, you can replace it easier than the 3M version. Package Includes: 7pcs of Black Front Grille Grill Only
  • ✔ Notes: This set of grille inserts won’t directly fit any special editions like 75th anniversary that already have inserts. Also a few 2016/2017 models have inserts placed in the grill, but most wranglers have open 7 slot grill. You would have to remove prior to put these in.
  • ✔ It is crafted from Black Color ABS plastic and will never rust, corrode or peel
  • ✔ It helps protect the engine from off-road elements like road debris such as papers, plastic, broken glasses, stones, etc
  • ✔ Installation: Please take off the grill first, and then clip in the inserts from the back of the grill,and then put back the grill…Congratulations,you make it!

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