This listing features 10pcs of 31mm White festoon LED Light Bulbs for replacing the burnt out dome/map lights.


Color: White

Bulbs Size: 31mm

LED Type: 12-3528-SMD

Working Volts: 12V DC

Each bulb contains Heat Sink to prevent Overheat

Package Includes:

10pcs 31mm white festoon bulbs

Cross Reference:

Festoon 31mm-35mm:

3021, 3022, 3175, 6428, 6430, 6461, DE3021, DE3022, DE3175

Festoon 36mm-39mm:

3423, 3425, 6411, 6418, 6423, 6461, DE3425

Festoon 40mm-44mm:

211, 211-2, 212, 212-2, 214-2, 569, 578, 6413, 6429, 12844, DE4410


Easy installation, just plug & play. All you need is to remove the lamp covers with a small flat screwdriver and direct replace the stock lamps with LED lamps.

LED lamp has “+” and “-” terminals, if the LED does not light up, just simply flip it 180 degrees to reverse the polarity.


We recommend that you measure the length of your original bulbs to make sure our bulbs will fit your car.

Product Features

  • 10pcs White LED Bulbs
  • Fit: Interior dome map trunk lights
  • Size: 31mm festoon
  • Cross Reference:3021, 3022, 3175, 6428, 6430, 6461, DE3021, DE3022, DE3175
  • Volts: 12V

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