Gold Zinc-Plated Steel Square J Hook Trailer Tie-Down Accessory with E Track Rail Spring Fitting

These 4.5″ E track J hooks are the perfect accessories to help you stow away ropes, straps, hoses, hats, jackets, lunch bags, and other cargo and personal items. They are made of steel and finished with zinc to be especially resistant to corrosion- and rust. The E track fittings behind the hooks click straight into E track slot. It will take but a moment to mount the Jhooks with just a press of the thumb levers.

Hang Straps, Rings, Ropes, Shovels, and Personal Accessories in Trucks and Warehouses

These hooks can be used on long E track rails in trailers and on portable singles in pickup trucks, flatbeds, reefers, garages and warehouses. They can be transferred around from place to place depending on the need.

Consider these your go-to hooks on the wall for all your storage needs. In this way, your ropes, straps, and cords will not get tangled, jackets won’t get dirty and lost, and hats won’t fly around unaccounted. Everything can be placed in one spot, leaving you with a safe, organized workspace.

» In addition to the stowage needs, the 4.5″ J hooks can be used to secure other cargo tie-downs. O-rings and D-rings can be hooped around the hooks and straps then slid through the rings.
» Alternatively, wrap cables and ropes around the hook rods for a reliable yet portable anchor.
» If you clip two or more hooks onto a track, you’ll have a shelf that can support ladders, shovels, beams, bars, and lumber.

Product Features

  • Note: DC Cargo Mall is the manufacturer and ONLY AUTHORIZED SELLER of these Etrack J hook trailer accessories. EFFICIENTLY STOW AND STORE ropes and cables, ratchet and cam buckle straps, bungee cords, motorcycle tiedowns and tarp straps, jackets, personal bags, and hats WITHIN EASY REACH by mounting these storage hooks on the walls of your RV camper, box truck, cargo van, trailer, warehouse, garage, or store by just clipping the E-track spring fitting attachments
  • Maximize every slot on your wall-mounted Etracks in your trucks, trailers, and garages! Pack of 2 DURABLE SQUARE ETRACK J HOOK TRUCK & TRAILER HANGER TIE-DOWN accessories with E track fittings that are VERSATILE, CONVENIENT, EASY TO USE, and have a safe assembly strength of 1,200 pounds. Hooks are gold, even though the sketch on the left (last picture) says black. These hooks are ONLY FOR THE E-TRACK SYSTEM, and E track rails and singles (NOT included) are available SEPARATELY
  • These Etrack tie-down hooks have easy THREE SECOND installation – just press the levers on the E track fittings and insert into standard 2.5″ x 1″ slots on any vertical or horizontal E TRACK trailer tie-down rails or singles. These E-track Jhooks are made exclusively for the versatile E-track tie down system; E TRACKS ARE NOT INCLUDED with these hook accessories but are available as 2′, 5′, and 8′ rails, as well as portable single slots. ALSO COMPATIBLE with A track cargo tie down system
  • These J-hook E-track tiedowns have 4.5″ high front and back rods with 4.5 inches wide inner clearance to hang all trailer accessories; IDEAL FOR USE AS A SHELF BRACKET for 2″ x 4″ lumber beams, tools, and cargo bars, and can be applied to CREATE CUSTOM LOAD LOCKS AND SHELVING UNITS; also useful as tie-down anchor on flatbeds and pickup trucks – wrap ropes and cables around the hook rod for securement
  • LAST IMAGE ON THE LEFT includes a detailed mechanical sketch, click the pictures for more useful angles. These E track truck accessory J hooks are made out of HARDY STEEL THAT IS ZINC-PLATED FOR SUPERIOR RESISTANCE to rust and corrosion, making these Jhooks AN EXCELLENT CHOICE for your outdoor and roughhandling needs; USA-based DC Cargo Mall stands behind all of our products with a 100% payment-back happiness guarantee. We’ve got your back!

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