● SHIELD YOUR VEHICLE FROM SNOW ICE AND DEBRIS WITH SNOWOFF WINDSHIELD COVER: Tired of scraping your windshield every morning, freezing your hands and fingers while placing strain on your arms and back. Say goodbye to scraping and brushing forever with the SnowOff windshield cover. Our durable waterproof cover protects your Car, Truck, SUV, or Van’s windshield from the elements, ensuring a snow and ice free windshield every morning. Simply spread the SnowOff cover over your windshield and secure a tight fit using the powerful built in magnets along with a specially designed lip that pulls the cover over the glass using your vehicle’s front doors.

● SECURE FIT FOR CARS, VANS, SUVS AND TRUCKS: Our 8 point connection system uses a series of powerful magnets along with specially designed suction cups to create a secure barrier around your windshield and wiper blades. Available in 2 sizes to ensure a perfect fit: 50 inches high x 62″ wide for cars and small suvs & 57″ high x 74″ wide for large SUVS, trucks and vans.

● DURABLE MATERIALS LAST WINTER AFTER WINTER: The waterproof materials and tightly stitched construction of the SnowOff guarantee that your cover will last and last. The lightweight yet strong material is easily foldable for storage in the trunk or rear of your vehicle.

● THERMAL SHIELD TO TRAPS HEAT, MELTING SNOW AND ICE: SnowOff’s reflective silver lining creates a shield of trapped heat which radiates heat while distributing it along the entire windshield. This heat shield ensures that your windshield will be free of snow and ice even in the most extreme conditions.

● 8 POINTS OF CONNECTION FOR A SECURE WIND RESISTANT FIT: Unlike other snow covers the SnowOff uses a secure 8 point system which guarantees a snug and effective fit even in windy conditions.

Product Features

  • Buy a Trusted Brand Name – OxGord® is the #1 Top Rated by Consumers when it comes to Automotive Part & Accessories
  • Easy to secure using powerful magnets and custom designed suction cups.
  • Snow off windshield cover protects your windshield from snow and Ice all winter long.
  • Thermal shield traps heat below cover insuring an ice and snow free windshield every morning.
  • 8 point harnessing magnets guarantee a secure and effective fit even in windy conditions.

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