Designs Chosen by You
Select through numerous light sequence, colors, and patterns(strobe/fading lights) to attract the attention you’ve long for. Sound Sync’s included and provides the ability of our your lights to flash while the beat drops. As your music plays, your lights play at your choice.

You Pick.. Easy or Pro setup? 
Easy setup is quick and involves no cutting or splicing. It plugs directly into 12v car charger port Pro set up is a full-featured option providing hidden wires and a custom installation. Use the multiple-sized fuse adapters and tap into fuse box.

Not One.. but TWO Wireless Remotes!
Manage the color and patterns of the lights with a wireless remote or wireless keychain remote from up to 80 feet away! Remote provides several options for colors, patterns, and brightness.

Everything’s Included
Comes with complete installation instructions, mounting hardware, and 1-year warranty.

Lasts a LONG Time SmartColorTM LEDs are rated to last over 50,000 hours. Aura Grille kits are protected by an IP67 rated silicone polymer that protects against water, heat, and road dust.

Product Features

  • MAKE YOURSELF SEEN – Featuring vibrant Smart-Color LEDs with a full spectrum of colors and flash modes.
  • GUARANTEED FITMENT – With professional mounting hardware, two installation methods, and tested sizing dimensions, our underbody kit is guaranteed to fit your truck, SUV, or van.
  • BOLD FEATURES – Control brightness, colors, flashing modes, and even sound-activated LEDs with a push of a button from two wireless remotes.
  • WEATHERPROOF DURABILITY – Constructed of a rust-proof aluminum body and dense silicone to protect your lights from road debris and nasty weather.
  • UNBEATABLE LIFETIME – With a 50,000 hour lifetime, don’t worry about your lights going out. Even if you do, we’ve included a one-year warranty.

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