Product Details

Compatible – All of our wheel / rims come compatible with all OEM (factory) equipment.

Safety – We manufacture all of our rims with a thick 2-piece design to ensure safety and durability.

Total Performance – The precision of our manufacturing, the durability of our steel & alloy and our perfect OEM design is what separates us from the competition.

Why us:

Free Shipping – Any order placed within the continental US is shipped free of charge.

Hassle-Free Returns – If you get your wheel & it doesn’t fit just right or you just so happen to have buyers remorse, we’ll give you a 100% refund.

Customer Service – Communication is key and we believe that. Contact us today and we guarantee a 12 hour response time and our wheel experts can handle any questions you may have.

Important Note Regarding Tire Size Fitment

Are you asking yourself: “Will this rim fit my tire?”

That’s a great question. An easy way to answer this is by looking at your tire and finding the letter “R”. For example:

R14 = 14″ Tire (fits a 14″ rim)

R15 = 15″ Tire (fits a 15″ rim)

R16 = 16″ Tire (fits a 16″ rim)

R17 = 17″ Tire (fits a 17″ rim)

R18 = 18″ Tire (fits a 18″ rim)

R19 = 19″ Tire (fits a 19″ rim)

R20 = 20″ Tire (fits a 20″ rim)

“Precision Made. Price Right.” Shop Road Ready Products Today!

Product Features

  • Fits: 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Nissan Versa (1.6S, 1.6SL, 1.6SV)
  • Size: 15″x5.5″ – Bolt Pattern: 4x100mm or 4×3.94″ – Offset: 40mm – Center Bore: 60mm
  • Fully compatible with TPMS sensors, lug nuts, valve stems, tires, winter tires and wheel covers
  • Easy to install, direct fit guaranteed – 100% Money back guarantee
  • Perfect for single wheel replacement, full-size swap, spare rim needs

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