NGK performance wires are custom manufactured for your vehicle, all have original equipment identical connections, but are constructed with superior quality cabling. The NGK ferrite magnetic core wire has only 1/2 the resistance of traditional carbon core wires, yet has all the same RFI suppression capabilities. In addition, traditional carbon core wires have a tendency to increase resistance with age while NGK’s wire wound ferrite magnetic cables remain virtually unchanged. This means more power to the spark plug to begin with, plus longer life. Heat resistant (180 deg. celcius)EPDM rubber outer jacket. Technical Specifications – Custom performance wire set with ferrite magnetic core. Wire Length No.1 624mm 24.57in. Wire Length No.2 544mm 21.42in. Wire Length No.3 424mm 16.69in. Wire Length No.4 344mm 13.54in. Coil Wire Not Included

Product Features

  • You can depend on NGK for quality and reliability

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