Product Description Your looking at the NEW”Negative Ion” Truck Silicone steering wheel cover by Cameleon. It is the first and unique product on the market which brings great benefits and quality overall to the drivers for an amazing driving experience and comfort. Let’s take a look at the features. -Fits most standard Trucks -Amazing Grip -Withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures. – Easy to clean/ Washable. – Super easy to install. – Heavy duty, long lasting life. – Eco-Friendly – No bad odors – Non-Toxic, Allergy free and latex free, Smooth and gentle feeling. – Good to drive with any kind of gloves. (Negative Ion Plus Alpha) The one and only. Benefits of negative ions: • Enhances blood circulation and blood purification: Improving your immune system Reducing minor aches and pains, and many other conditions resulting from poor blood circulation. (Can be seen clearly under microscope) • Increases energy and power. You will feel more energized, and less fatigued. • Reduces stress and anxiety by calming our nervous system. • Improves your focus and concentration. Electronics, such as cell phones, televisions, laptops and computers, along with pollutants in our environment like smog, smoke, electrical grids etc., all generate harmful positive ions which are absorbed into our body. When we have too many positive ions in our body and blood stream, we lose our natural electrical balance and it slows down our blood circulation. This results in us feeling tired, unwell and “unbalanced”. Powdered minerals, which are infused into the silicone cover helps to improve our body’s electrical balance. By generating negative ions, which neutralize the harmful effect of positive ions, our “Cameleon Cover can TUNE your body to back to its natural state

Product Features

  • Fits most standard Semi Trucks, Buses, Rv from 15.5″ extends up to 19″
  • 100% Silicone, Non-toxic, Allergy Free, Odorless! Eco-Friendly! Latex Free, BPA Free
  • Super heavy duty, durable, and long lasting life!
  • The first and only Negative Ion cover – Infused with Ion Technology!
  • Easy to clean and Washable, Easy installation, soft and comfort driving with maximum grip!

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