Note: This Fuel Pump Can Fit A Large Variety Of Applications. Some Models May Require Modification To Complete Installation. Professional Installation Is Recommended

Can Interchange To The Following Part Numbers:
EP126, EP382, EP387, EP432, E8229, E8213, E8335, E8419, E8454, E8455, E8456, E8532, E8533, P72192, P72236, P72237, P72239, P72240, P72241, P742242, P72232, P72235, P72242, P72243, P74157, P74158, P76001, P76002, P76015, P76017, P76028, P76034, P76038, P76137, P76176, P76213, P76214, P76249, P88009, FE0117, FE0118, FE0119, FE0131, FE0317, FE0129, FE0134, FE0170, FE0180, FE0183, FE0150, FE0185, FE0187, FE0198, FE0243, FE0248, FE0250, FE0270, FE0283, FE0351, FE0376, FE0407, FG1350, HP4230, HP10201, HP10239, HP10240, 520-1021, 402-P8229, DELFE0150, DELFE0243, 2202-95017, 2202-12902, 2202-60181, 2202-60017, 2202-60065, 2202-60138, 2202-60144, 2202-60146, 2202-60163, 2202-60167, 2202-60182, 2202-60190, 2202-60199, 2202-60202, 2202-60203, 2202-60212, 2202-60225, 2202-60235, 2202-60243, 2202-60260, 2202-60261, 2202-60263, 2202-60266, 2202-60270, RBI69613, SP1118, FP1765

* 100% Brand New In Factory Original Package. Not refurbished or re-manufactured parts.
* We provide 1 year warranty on all components
* Made of High Quality & Durable Material That Meets OE Standard — All The Parts We Use Are The Highest Standard In The Industry
* Each product is manufactured in ISO 9000 / ISO 9001 / ISO 9002 certified facilities with exquisite craftsmanship. 100% mechanically tested prior to leaving the factory ensures optimal performance and enhanced durability

Product Features

  • Please use amazon’s part finder filter to confirm if this item will fit your vehicle
  • Package Included: 1pc New High Performance Fuel Pump + 2pcs Nylon Strainers + Rubber Gasket + Ruber Hose + Stainless Steel Clamps + Universal Connector Wire + Installation Instructions
  • Specification: Flow Rate: >100LPH; Currents: <5.5A; Voltage: 12V; Operating Pressure: 3 Bar;
  • Installation: This Fuel Pump Can Fit A Large Variety Of Applications. It Comes With Universal Wiring & Strainers. Some Models May Require Modification To Complete Installation.Professional Installation Is Recommended!
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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