MotorTrend FlexTough Rubber Floor Mats

Most mats in the industry are made out recycled material. You might think recycling is good however when it comes to ‘recycled rubber’ it is horrible. ‘Recycled rubber’ usually contains lead and all kinds of harmful material. It also omits very strong odor which may cause headache.

We don’t like you to use those harmful products. So Motor Trend sets the new standard. Motor Trend mats are made out of 100% pure material. It provides superior quality rubber. Boasting 100% Odorless & BPA Free. Flexible rubber makes the mat very durable in extreme cold and hot weather.

– 100% Odorless & BPA Free : No more disgusting recycled rubber odor

– Pet & Family Friendly Material

– Custom Fit: Universal mats are easily trimmed to provide a more custom fit. Just trim it with the regular scissor at home

– Secure Rubber Nibs: Rubberized nibs keep your mat in place

– 3 Pieces: 2 front and 1 rear

– Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Features

  • Pure Raw Material – 100% Odorless, BPA Free & Non-Toxic
  • FlexTough Rubber – MotorTrend Tech Mat withstand extreme cold & hot temperatures
  • Trimming Edge – Intuitive trimming line for customization
  • Secure Backing – Extra firm grip by BDK tech backing
  • Total 3 Pieces ( 2 front & 1 rear)

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