This Mihaz underbody lighting kit is expandable and allows you to easily install additional these tubes to your 4pcs setup.
Waterproof, Heatproof, Shockproof.
Ultra Flexible Strips with Brightest 5050 SMD RGB LEDs.

Lifespan:50,000 hours
Application: All 12V cars
Voltage: 12V DC
Power: 6W
LED source: 5050
Light Quantity: 4 Pieces
Color: RGB
Size: 4*12cm, cable length: 2*120cm + 2* 170cm

Remote Control Function:
1.Flash model
2.Strobe model
3.Fade model
4.Smooth model

The package comes with RF dimmer controller and power adapter, the installation is easy!
First, make sure the size of your car and choose suitable length of strips;
Second, Use tie to fix the strips on car chassis;
At last, Directly connect wires to original car insurance or circuit, black wire to negative, red wire to positive.

Product Features

  • Wireless remote control, multi colors LED kit light your car up.
  • Changeable light mode: flashing, fade, smooth, bright and so on.
  • Flexible LED tubes, Waterproof, Anti-dust, Anti-collision, Safe and Durable, Easy Installation.
  • Light Length: 12cm * 4; Cable Length: 2*120cm + 2* 170cm.
  • LED:Ultra Flexible Strips with Brightest 5050 SMD RGB LEDs.

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