Having downtime on your rig is expensive. Max Diesel Power Module allows 2003-2007 Detroit Diesel Series 60 engines to run smoother. Turbo hesitations, surging, missing coughing, black smoke are eliminated or drastically reduced. You will notice instant throttle response with engine temperatures 20 degrees cooler along with increase in horsepower and torque. Typical fuel economy gains vary anywhere from 1-2 miles per gallon essentially paying for itself within 2 weeks in fuel savings. EXHUAST GAS VALVE SYSTEM MUST BE FULLY FUNCTIONAL WITHOUT THE VALVE STICKING

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can I install it myself or do I need to service it at a shop? Sure, within 5-10 minutes and our install guide, it is very easy to do it yourself and save money. No other adjustments or modification is needed for the module to fully operate.

Will this damage my engine or vehicle electronics? The answer is no, the module can be easily removed before taking the vehicle to the service shop and will not void warranty

How Does the Performance Module Work?

The module installs in pace of the barometric pressure sensor. Unlike the BRO sensor which varies the voltages back to the (ECM) on altitude and conditions. Max Diesel Power Module comes with pre-set parameters for the ECM. When installed, the ECM electronically limits the exhaust gas valve.

Why use Max Diesel Power Module.

100% plug-and-play without voiding vehicle warranty. Secondly, no need to buy/install expensive delete kits. The module can simply be removed and returned to factory running condition. Lastly, much cheaper alternative to ECM Flashing,

Product Features

  • Increased throttle response/power. Stops and reduces turbo hesitation, surging, missing, coughing and black smoke
  • Fuel economy gains vary anywhere from 1-2 miles per gallon essentially paying for itself within 2 weeks in fuel savings
  • Fits late model 2003-2007 Detroit Diesel Series 60 engine DDECV 12.7 and 14.0 liter engines
  • Works by replacing the Barometer sensor, 100% safe and cheaper than ECU flashing (EGR system must be fully functional)
  • Plug-and-play all without voiding vehicle warranty, can easily be removed when vehicle is serviced and inspected

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