Brand NEW Weatherstrip Seal Kit for following models:

81-91 Chevy Blazer Full Size Door

81-86 Chevy C10 Truck Door

81-86 Chevy C20 Truck Door

81-86 Chevy C30 Truck Door

81-86 Chevy K10 Truck Door

81-86 Chevy K20 Truck Door

81-86 Chevy K30 Truck Door

1987 Chevy R1500 Truck Door

87-89 Chevy R2500 Truck Door

87-91 Chevy R3500 Truck Door

81-86 Chevy Suburban C10 Door

81-86 Chevy Suburban C20 Door

81-86 Chevy Suburban K10 Door

81-86 Chevy Suburban K20 Door

87-88 Chevy Suburban R10 Door

89-91 Chevy Suburban R1500 Door

87-88 Chevy Suburban R20 Door

89-91 Chevy Suburban R2500 Door

87-88 Chevy Suburban V10 Door

89-91 Chevy Suburban V1500 Door

87-88 Chevy Suburban V20 Door

89-91 Chevy Suburban V2500 Door

1987 Chevy V1500 Truck Door

87-89 Chevy V2500 Truck Door

87-91 Chevy V3500 Truck Door

81-86 GMC C1500 Truck Door

81-86 GMC C2500 Truck Door

81-86 GMC C3500 Truck Door

81-91 GMC Jimmy Full Size Door

81-86 GMC K1500 Truck Door

81-86 GMC K2500 Truck Door

81-86 GMC K3500 Truck Door

1987 GMC R1500 Truck Door

87-89 GMC R2500 Truck Door

87-91 GMC R3500 Truck Door

81-86 GMC Suburban C1500 Door

81-86 GMC Suburban C2500 Door

81-86 GMC Suburban K1500 Door

81-86 GMC Suburban K2500 Door

87-91 GMC Suburban R1500 Door

87-91 GMC Suburban R2500 Door

87-91 GMC Suburban V1500 Door

87-91 GMC Suburban V2500 Door

1987 GMC V1500 Truck Door

87-89 GMC V2500 Truck Door

87-91 GMC V3500 Truck Door

Product Features

  • Brand New, Free shipping
  • A pair of door seals
  • A pair of window run channel seals (front, rear, and top channels)
  • Door window sweep weatherstrips

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