We have thoroughly studied nearly all car phone holders you can buy on US market, carefully looked through all users’ reviews and complaints and developed our own Skyocean Extra-Thought-Out Universal Super-Handy Car Mount!

Are you still using the phone holder with a large cradle blocked your view? Taking lots of time to open the grips by two hands when driving?
Are you still using the air vent car mount blocked fresh air? Can’t rotate the angle? Totally unsteadily and shaking on the air vent?
If yes, you are putting yourself in danger. But Skyocean Magnetic Car Mount can solve all these problems for you.


Top Rated by UBER & LYFT Drivers by its Unique design and super easy operation.
Looks awesome and Fabulous: Made by stylish Black Chrome, Minimalistic & sleek design allows Skyocean Cell Phone Holder to fit in the interior of your car seamlessly, without standing out!
It’s absolutely hands-free! You can use it as your one-stop-solution for safely calling & using apps like Face Time, Skype, Google Maps, while driving!
Can be used in office, home and kitchen. You will never lose your phone when putting the phone on the mount and truly free your two hands when working or cooking.
Amazing Gift: Bring this car mount to your family and friends and meantime bring them safety.
Our Promise – 100% Money back Guarantee!


1 * Ball-Shaped Black Chrome Stand
1 * Magnetic socket
3 * UltraSlim Metallic Discs (2 small & 1 large)
5 * Reinstall Kit Components (2 * 3M VHB for ball mount, 3M Sticker for discs)

So, what are you waiting for? As you see, we have thought everything out, our holder is just what you need!
Press “ADD TO CART” now and order your own one.

Product Features

  • ✔ COMPELETELY UNIVERSAL DESIGN –we mean it. this car mount is Made by stylish Black Chrome and compatible with all smartphones including Apple iPhone, Samsung, Google Android LG, Huawei, and more. It’s a great way to install GOOGLE MAPS NAVIGATION FOR CAR and can be installed in any position! Installation is easy as pie.
  • ✔ MAKE THE DRIVE SAFE & COMFORT– this Car Mount keeps your phone always fully in view and near at hand on the dashboard. You won’t miss anything flashing across your phone’s screen without risking your own safety, Never put yourself in danger while driving- this mount is what you need!
  • ✔ MOUNTED BY ONE HAND in ONE SEC – just put your phone on the Mount and lock it in place. No clamps, no cradles, no more actions, just the magic of the magnet. maximized the safety and convenience while driving and Provided a 360˚ rotation and viewing angle freedom.
  • ✔ POWERFUL MAGNET- 3M VHB adhesive and Extra Strong Magnet provide great stability even for the lightweight tablets, secure your mobile safely in place on bumpy roads, off-roads, and other tough driving conditions. Included 3 discs in set which can be used on three different devices. Ultra-thin discs will adorn your device or will be hidden under the phone case.
  • ✔ IT’S THE LAW and MAKE COPS HAPPY–Many deaths & accidents on the road are caused by ‘PHONE DRIVING’ each year. Keep your family safe & legal by mounting your cellphone on your dash, Always keep your phone insight and hands free, Forget those days of frantically fumbling for your phone. Keep your eyes up on the road and never worried breaking the law and being pulled over by the cops again! Protect yourself this mount is what you need!

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