The Lund 96865 genesis elite roll-up Tonneau cover is a low profile, soft tonneau cover featuring a luxurious twill fabric finish as a highly durable bed cover for your truck. Not only does this tonneau cover give you the protection and functionality you need, but it also provides your truck with a sleek, low profile cover, rolling up in seconds, allowing complete access to the bed. The cover is equipped with tension adjustment gauges and a heavy-duty Velcro side sealing system. An automatic tension control system enables you to keep the cover tight and secure. Installing the tonneau cover will also improve the aerodynamics of your vehicle, reducing drag and increasing fuel economy. Lund’s genesis elite roll-up tonneau covers are designed fit to your specific make, model and year, providing a custom style that looks great on your truck. The cover’s weather and tear-resistant luxurious twill fabric features a set of adjustable straps to ensure a tight fit and protection against water damage. The bars and bows are rolled up with the cover and are kept at the front of the truck bed. When rolled back, the cover virtually disappears and is secured in place with nylon straps. Additionally, the cover improves the overall aerodynamics of your vehicle, reducing drag and increasing fuel economy. The rich color and specially designed twill weave fabric not only gives the genesis elite roll-up its luxurious look, but also makes this cover virtually maintenance free. In fact, the unique texture of the fabric does not trap dirt, so dust and dirt simply brush away. No special cleaners are needed to clean this premium cover. Simply rinse clean with water and let air dry. Lund products are sold through national retailers, warehouse distributors and online retailers and include: hood protections, running boards, floor coverings, exterior accessories, storage boxes, bed and grille coverings and much more.

Product Features

  • Protects and conceals truck bed contents
  • Reduces drag and increases fuel economy
  • Premium twill weave material is engineered to be resistant to water, mold, UV and dirt
  • No chemical cleaners needed to clean, simply rinse with water
  • Unique texture of fabric does not trap dirt

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