Why you should use our Liang’s air ionizer purifier? Indoors or outdoors, there are particles in the air which threatens your health. Unfortunately, the prevalence of asthma rises every year as more and more people are diagnosed with breathing-related issues. To protect your health against invisible air particles and bacteria – gas, smoke, and others – we’ve developed this unique ionizer device that utilizes the latest negative ion technology to achieve the best air purification result out there. But don’t just take our word for it We invite you to do a simple test to see it with your own eyes: take a transparent plastic bottle and put some smoke in it. Then cover the purifier with the smoke-filled bottle and turn it on. Wait 12-15 seconds and you’ll see how the smoke is dispelled. This odor eliminator for cars will remove smoke odor and dispel the smoke from your car, and has many other advantages. It is also very effective in preventing many different kinds of bad smells, and even removes bacteria and many pollutants from the air. Known to benefit sufferers of the following: – Allergic sinusitis – Asthma – Chronic respiratory tract allergies Proven benefits include: – Decreased respiratory rate -can lower blood pressure -produces a feeling of freshness -decreased skin temperature.

Product Features

  • Latest technology – 8th generation of air purifier ionizers industry with a leading patented unique process which utilizes the latest anion technology
  • Easy to operate – just plug this small car air ionizer in your 12v car
  • Features – our Liang’s ionizer air purifier has been proven to kill harmful viruses and bacteria, smoke odor eliminator, eliminate bad odor smells

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