The LAMPHUS® SoundAlert™ 100 Watt SLIM Speaker and Siren Kit comes with a universal mounting bail bracket making it suitable for police, fire, ambulance, volunteer, and private vehicle to use as a PA system or audio warning device. This siren and speaker set offers the essential function of different siren tones, wail, yelp, horn, Hi-Lo, radio broadcast, and two auxiliary switches to control other equipment on the vehicle. Pre-wired unidirection microphone with PTT (push to talk) button overrides the siren during time of usage. Constructed of heavy duty, corrosion-resistant aluminum housing, the LAMPHUS® SoundAlert™ 100 Watt SLIM Speaker and Siren Kit offers easy installation, and is made to satisfy your public addressing, equipment operating, and audio warning needs.

Interchangeable/Compatible with:
All automobiles and devices equipped with a 12 or 24 Volt DC power source.



  • 100 Watt amplifier.
  • 6 Modes.
  • 2 auxiliary switches
  • Pre-wired push to talk microphone.


  • 120 – 130dB Sound Compression Level
  • Heavy duty, rust resistant construction.
  • Universal mounting bracket.
  • 100 Watt / 8 Ohm / 400 Hz � 4,000 Hz.

Product Content:

  • 1 x Siren Box Unit
  • 1 x Speaker Unit
  • 1 x Bail Strap Bracket
  • Mounting Accessories
  • Owner’s Manual


  • Siren Dimension:
    6″ W x 2-1/4″ H x 8″ D (15.24cm x 5.72cm x 20.32cm)
  • Speaker Dimension:
    7″ W x 7″ H x 2-7/8″ D (17.78cm x 17.78cm x 5.08cm)

1 Year Warranty

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Product Features

  • AUDIO CLARITY AND AUDIBILITY – With an adequate power output of 100W and powerful speakers with a rating of 120-130dB, you get quality audio output which is audible from a distance away.
  • MULTIPLE OPERATION MODES – This warning system features multiple operation options which include Horn, Radio, and Siren with the siren option giving you Yelp, Wail, Hi-Lo and Hi-Lo and also Manual Horn & Manual Siren.
  • ADDITIONAL AUXILIARY SWITCHES – The SoundAlert warning system offers two 20A switches which you can use to power other external devices and appliances.
  • EXTERNAL SOUND INPUT – Also featured in this warning system is the option to broadcast from external sources through the radio mode. You also get a push to talk microphone.
  • HANDS-FREE CONTROL – To give you easier access and control over the system, you can connect it to your car’s horn button allowing you activate the siren system with the push of a button.

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