Upgraded “safari” Style Mirrors

Kesgiter improved the traditional door hinge mirror to improve stability. By customizing the fixed lever, the mirror is stronger and receives more wind drag. Sturdy support, easy to install. It is made of metal, and a stable support makes the mirror free of vibration. When driving, the 360 degree swivel bolt allows you to adjust the mirror to the desired angle, providing a wide view, no deformation, and quickly see the car behind you.

Some Instructions Below to Help Anyone Who Install Them:

1. Take the L shaped rod (with the thread on one end) and thread one of the lock nuts up as far as it will go.

2. Insert the L shaped rod, threaded end first, into the door pin hole on the door hinge.

3. Take the supporting rod and attach the angled flat end to the thread that is sticking out from the door pin hole. Place the crush washer and lock nut onto the thread, then finger tighten.

4. Take the mirror and remove the small nut and small washer, and insert it into the two holes where the L shaped rod and supporting rod meet. Place the small washer and small nut back onto the thread, position

the mirror, and tighten.

5. At this point, you can go back and fully tighten the lock nut at the bottom of the L shaped rod.

6. The mirror is on a ball type swivel, which you can adjust by loosening ONE of the philips screws slightly, set the position, then re-tighten and you’re good to go.

7. Repeat for other side


Size for jeep wrangler mirrors:20×14.5, Main poleF24x16cm;Fixed poleF28.5cm

Weight for 4×4 safari mirrors: 1.42kg

Package Includes:

 2 x jeep wrangler mirrors

 2 x Main pole

 2 x Fixed pole

Product Features

  • ✔The Spherical Design&Durable – Sturdy and Rust resistant, 360°the Omni-directional joint bolt can be easily adjust to the perfect viewing angle without distortion, quickly catch sight of small vehicles behind you.

  • ✔Fixed Installation – Kesgiter Jeep Wrangler Side Mirrors on the basis of the original plus a Fixed pole, stable jeep mirrors the installation, improve the safety of the driver.

  • ✔Easy to Install – Locking knob mounting to complete the installation.Fits all jeep Wrangler JK CJ YJ TJ

  • ✔Buffer Protection – When the mirror encounters a slight collision, it will have a rotating buffer that will not damage the mirror. At the same time,it can be collected when through the narrow location and other special positions.

  • ✔Minize the Whistling – Streamline design of mirror back and precision molding, effectively reduce wind drags and noisy whistling.

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