Can you imagine your life without a cell phone? We use it for communication, to watch video, listen to audio, browse the internet and many other applications. We are tempted to use our cell phones while driving. We also find the needs to use cell phones when working at office or even doing home duties, such as cooking. Now with our magnetic cell phone holder, you can easily access your phone’s features and virtually any situation. Whether it is to safely answer calls while driving, access your apps at the office, or watch videos while doing your housework. We add a fluorescence ring on it in order for you to find Kakanuo car mount easily in dark places. It is ingenious and humanity design. To better enjoy your life, this item can offer us a lot of unthinkable conveniences.

1. Before removing the 3M adhesive, test the dash ball mount base in a few different positions to find out the best one.
2. Use alcohol pre pad to clean the area where you want to put the dash ball amount base.
3. Stick dash ball mount base on the chosen location.
4. Attach magnetic disc on ball.
5. Use alcohol pre pad to clean the back of phone/ phone case completely as well. Wait for dry.
6. Peel the adhesive tape off the alloy steel pate. Stick the plate on back of your phone/ phone case.
7. Wait for 24 HOURS before applying device to dash ball mount to allow glue to dry sufficiently.

Notice: Please don’t mount this device on the place which impedes opening the air bag or hinders driver when driving.

What’s in the Box?
1pcs metal magnetic plate, 1pcs stainless steel dash ball mount base, 2pcs slim metal sheets in different sizes, 2pcs alcohol pre pad, 1pcs spare 3M sticky pads, 1pcs user manual, 1pcs gift box

Product Features

  • LIGHT STROING AND EMITTING MATERIALS – There is a fluorescence ring inlaid in the Cell Phone Holder. It absorbs light at daytime and glow at night. You can easily find this item in dark. This humanity design makes Kakanuo magnetic car mount different and better than others.
  • SLEEK AND EASY TO USE – Securing your device is Effortless…Simply stick the included adhesive metallic disk to the back of your phone, and place the phone with metallic disc centered over the car mount. The high quality 360-degree ball mount allows you to adjust to any angle.
  • KEEP YOUR PHONE IN VIEW AT ALL TIMES – Never put yourself in danger while driving again. The new Kakanuo Cell phone car mount allows you to keep yourself up-to-date on everything flashing across your phone’s screen, WITHOUT risking your own safety.
  • GREAT COMPATIBILITY – Kakanuo magnetic car mount can support Cell phones of ALL SIZES. This Cell phone holder is designed to keep your device safe from falling, and has been EXTENSIVELY TESTED to ensure that its magnetic pull doesn’t harm your electronics at all. Kakanuo always design with customers in mind.
  • STICKS TO ANY FLAT SURFACE – Kakanuo Cell phone holder isn’t just for your car dashboard. With its adhesive base, you can use it as a DESK ACCESSORY for easy access to your phone while working, or secure it to the kitchen counter-top so you can YouTube while you cook up a storm. And with two EXTRA adhesive replacements, you can ensure that re-installation is a breeze. No wobbling, no slippage – this car mount STAYS STUCK!

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